Underneath The Surface.

Sharmaine Mata Deluna`.
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Underneath The Surface.

Valentines Day was a complete surprise! I didn’t expect to get anything from my bf till after school, since we go to different schools. Well during 3rd passing period, i went to my locker, admittedly feeling envious for the girls passing by with gifts from their valentine/bf . Opening the 3 combo digit to my locker, unexpectedly, i don’t see my books nor any of my stuff in it. Instead, in my locker, i see this gigantic pet stuffed dog toy with a large box of Ferrero Roche` underneath it. Turns out my bf had a friend of his that shared lockers with me, come over the day before Valentines, to get my gift and stuff it in my locker so i couldn’t feel envious of those other girls, and had something to keep me company from feeling lonely, until we see each other after school (: Thank you Macloud Remoroza <3

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